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  EFI Live Custom Tuning!  


AutoCal from EFI Live! Starting at $525.00  Call Joe for Options!



At this time call or email Joe for questions or to order any EFI Live Product.




Custom tuning for gas and diesel via HP Tuners also available. Call for more information!


You have a few options at Dave's Diesel With EFI Live.
1. Purchase Efi Live and tune your self. $899 Comes with 2 tunes.
2. Have us tune your truck in house with our EFI Live. Single File Tune $400 Dsp 5 with switch and installed $600 06-09 Cummins Single File $400.00 06-07 5.9 Cummins CSP $650.00
3. Have Efi all ready? Mail Order tunes offered Single File $80 DSP5 $225
Dyno Tuning when purchasing our tunes $150.00 for 2 Hours of tuning.

Call Joe before ordering if have extensive mods for pricing such as cam, twin cp3's , Large single or twin turbos.

If Purschasing Efi Live Software read below
When you purchase EFI LIVE you will receive the equipment and a switch, DSP5 switch depending on wich package you choose. The DSP5 will allow you to select 5 custom tunes. During the checkout process give a detailed list of exact year of your truck, what modifications you have done, and what you would like each tune to do for you(Tow tune,Econ tune,Street tune,Race tune,ETC)Remember EFI LIVE is not magic ! It does have limits depending on what you have or have not done to your truck.

1. You will receive an e-mail explaing how to download your factory tune to your laptop, and the information to link to the EFI LIVE website for DSP Switch installation instuctions.

2.You will receive your EFI LIVE equipment, wich will include the interface module used to bridge between your laptop computer and your trucks OBDII port,All EFI LIVE Software, and the DSP switch. This is the best time to Install your DSP switch if possible.Instructions for DSP Installation can be found on The EFI LIVE Website, as well as in the help section of your EFI LIVE Software.

3. You will download your stock information from your truck to your laptop, and save the file.(Make sure your laptop has a healthy battery and a full charge)

4.E-mail stock truck file that was saved to Joe . Joe will then build either1 or 5 custom tunes for you, depending on wich package you purchased. Tuning of custom files will usually take 48 hrs.

5. You will then receive an E-mail containing your custom tunes, Save them to your laptop, and follow the instructions provided in the first E-mail to upload the tunes to your truck.

6. Enjoy!!

Tunes offerd for Dmax
Stock with egr/dpf shut off
Custom race/pull tunes too

Dmax Trans Tunes $300
Pulling Trans Tune 3rd gear Start $375

Cummins Tunes
More cummins tunes will come, if need something custom please call!
Gas Tuning also offered at Dave's Diesel Angola. Please call or email Joe

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Dave's Diesel Angola L.L.C.
1201 Wolhert St
Angola, IN 46703
United States
Ph: 1-800-654-4715
e-mail: Sales@Angoladavesdiesel.com
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S&B Filters 04-05 GM LLY Dry Cold Air
S&B Filters 04-05 GM LLY Dry Cold Air

Sale Price: $269.99 / Each
You Save:$31.00 / Each
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Ford Juice with Attitude CS - 1999-2003 Ford 7.3
Ford Juice with Attitude CS - 1999-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3...

Sale Price: $829.00 / Each
You Save:$43.00 / Each
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2001-2010 Duramax LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM,4500/5500 CTS
Evolution CS Diesel

Sale Price: $649.00 / Each
You Save:$33.67 / Each
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